Wednesday, October 12, 2011

back to business

Well, it's here.  October.  The month that sewing requests come in.  The month that is filled with measuring tapes, hand drawn doodles of what they want their costume to look like, and gift cards to Joann. 

YAY for Halloween! 

If nothing else, I love making costumes.  It's what I have a passion for.  I have made a costume for my son every year, which has since expanded into making ones from my friend's children, and even some costumes for a church play.  I just love costumes.

I'll share with you the past 6 years of costumes for my son:

My son's first year he was an ear of corn.  A deliciously fun bunting suit that was a big hit and kept him warm.

The following year he was a goldfish.  It was amazing.  Especially watching him walk...the tail 'swam' back and forth. 

Let's I believe was the great horned owl.  This one was extremely fun as I was able to work on it while I was flying.  (I was a flight attendant at the time and spent a lot of time 'waiting' for our plane to arrive.)  Sitting in various airports across the country this little owl coat was born.

The next one was a bit odd, and some people didn't get it.  He was a TV tower.  Those towers that are red and white that transmit signals of sorts(cell, radio, tv, etc...), yes, that's what he wanted to be for Halloween.  So I figured out how to create a TV tower that a child could walk in.  Complete with blinking lights.

Let's see, the next year he went as a butterfly.  I know, a boy, a butterfly...kinda odd.  But who am I to deny my son the right to have wings!  It was a great costume.  He picked pretty blues and greens for the wings.

The 11th Doctor, Goddess, and Jedi (I made those too)

11th Doctor, me as Tardis, Amy Pond, and Cyberman

Then there was last year.  Last year he wanted to be the 11th Doctor.  Doctor Who is our favourite tv show and I was definitely not going to say no to that!!!  Although, it will be a while before I start making any suit coats...

This year he surprised me by his final decision.  Starting November 1st, 2010 he was giving me all kinds of ideas on what he wanted to be for the next Halloween.  A dalek(doctor who), a goomba(mario bros), the tenth Doctor, a jedi, etc.   But he decided on his final choice about two weeks ago.

A fire breathing dragon.  He even drew a delightful diagram for me.  So this year's sewing table includes a fire breathing dragon, a ragged vampire princess(her mom added the princess tag on there) and maybe something for a Tenth Doctor costume... 

A light load this year but I better get started!  I'm in NYC for 3 days next weekend which definitely cuts into the sewing time!

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