Thursday, December 15, 2011

Does this cut it as a substitute gift?

My best friend's daughter, Leah, is turning 10 in January.  In anticipation of reaching this milestone birthday- entering the double digits, my friend and her husband told Leah that she could get her ears pierced, if she wanted to, when the day came. 

Man, I wish my mom had been as nice.  I can recall asking nicely if I could get my ears pierced when I was 10.  Then it turned into 11 and begging.  I believe when I was 12, a nice woman from the church I went to at the time, 'borrowed' me and got my ears pierced!  She later told my mom that I was so good and since I was going to be a teenager soon, I deserved to get my ears pierced.  At least, that's what I remember.  It was AWESOME!  I was so happy...

Anyhow, back to Leah.  Leah is quite a brilliant girl.  Her mind is always turning with thoughts and curiosity.  She's an avid reader and can read far beyond the level expected of a currently 9 year old kid.  Her aunt was visiting from out of town several weeks ago and being the brilliant kid that she is, Leah asked her parents if she could get her ears pierced while her aunt was here.  My best friend then asked her why and she replied, "Because then people can get me earrings for my Christmas or birthday gifts and I'll be able to wear them!"

How need to clean the piercings for 6 weeks, I believe, and she calculated that it would put her into the "you can change your earrings now" catagory right around Christmas!

So, all of this is leading somewhere.  She did get her ears pierced with her aunt and has been taking care of them quite well.  I recall telling her, 5 weeks ago, that I'd be buying her earrings for Christmas!


I completely forgot this fact until yesterday, after which I then realised I had used up my entire 'Leah's Gifts' budget already.  She's getting a pretty interesting looking book, a comic book she'll love, a journal, and a beginning cross-stitch kit that she'll also love.

But No Earrings!
(that exclamation reminds me of Grandma Tildy from my favourite childhood book, "But No Elephants!")

SO, I decided I'd quickly whip up a book tote for her! 
Leah's Owl Tote
I purchased this fabric especially for her over a year ago and finally made the tote! 
Whoooo's looking for a good book?
 I'm pretty pleased and her mom's a tad bit jealous.  

Plenty of room for whichever book she's reading and some others for even more fun.

It even has a pen/pencil pocket, a wider pocket for keeping her favourite lip balm safe, and a little name tag!
pockets are fantastic!
I'm just hoping this guy and his buddies will make up for the lack of earrings...(at least until her birthday next month...)
they are just too cute. 

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  1. What a super cute bag! I love the owls. Stopping by from Rescued Goods-thanks for visiting me too:)


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