Friday, June 1, 2012

Fleece and Anubis

I wanted to share some cute photos of my lovable dog, Berkeley, enjoying his favourite thing: sucking on his fleece blanket.  He's had many different fleece blankets over the past few years.  Each of them ending up looking like swiss cheese!  You see, he loves to suck on the fleece for some reason.  He kneads it like a cat kneads it's claws into a pillow, or your leg.  And sucks on it.  It's hilariously cute so here are some photos.

I also thought I'd throw in some photos of my boy as Anubis!  Hand sewn Anubis head.  He loved it and was so happy!!  They had Ancient Egyptian Day in his class yesterday and he was dying to be Anubis, god of funerals and burial.

And here he is doing the Anubis pose! 
Anubis, god of embalming and burial, would weigh the heart of the deceased.  If it was light as a feather (Ma'at) the soul would go to the afterlife, living forever.  If it was heavy, a mean monster guy ate your heart and you went to the underworld.  Here Alexander is demonstrating the weighing ceremony.  

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