Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12 and I'm 33!

Months have passed since my last post.  I don't have many readers, and I don't have much interesting to say at the moment.  Glad I don't do this professionally! 

Today is my 33rd birthday!  I'm really excited to get my new, ridiculously ugly, driver's license with the issue date of 12/12/12.  I'm not doing anything crazy license and sticker for the car.  Going to the book store and maybe sephora to get my free birthday gift.  A movie with mom, although I can't decide what I'm going to see...torn between Skyfall (which I hear is very good) and Anna Karenina (which I have never read and don't know much about)...  After the movie I get to babysit the most adorable baby in the world currently under 4 months old for about an hour or so.  On my way home I'm picking up my DQ ice cream cake, which is my absolute FAVOURITE birthday treat!  Then possibly to dinner with my husband, son and mother if there's time. 

Busy day!!

Feeling a little down though.  There was another loss of life that wasn't extremely close to me, but was very dear to my mom and it's made me a little sad.  I also wish my husband's job future was more secure at the moment...but I'm very happy that he's gotten his program to work.  He's getting two master's degrees in May and the project for electrical engineering was giving him a bit of trouble.  It's working now though, so YAY!  He's had his physic's project done for ages I guess.  :-)

Off to the bureau of motor vehicles! 

If anyone reads this at some point in their lives, I hope you had a fantastic day today, December 12th, 2012!  

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It sounds like an awesome way to spend the day if I do say so myself. I am craving cake now. Don't let the DMV get you down and go see Anna Karenina while making sure to eat your fave movie treat. Have a wonderful day!


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