Thursday, January 24, 2013

sweet pouch swap, part 2 and a dalek surgery

I finished my pouch for the Sweet Pouch Swap!  Well, if I'm being honest, I finished my second pouch for the swap...  The first one is in my bag as a receipt/gift card pouch. After it was deemed unfit to be sent to anyone else, I trimmed off the bottom and sew it back up.  I cut new pieces out of my two fabrics and got to work sewing a new one.

This is the pouch that will be heading out of Ohio and making it's way up to Canada.

All I have left to do is to get a wee bit more candy to stuff it with and box it up!  I hope my partner enjoys it!

In addition to completing my pouch, I also had to perform some surgery on a Dalek.  
he lost his 'exterminator'

E-6000 glue is awesome!
starting to feel better?
he's looking at something...


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