Sunday, March 3, 2013

catching up

So many sewing projects to do.  So many ideas flooding through my mind.  It's terrible because I seem to be so easily distracted and am not getting many done!!

I need to finish my February Riley Blake Designs mystery block of the month.

I need to make duvet cover and shams for my cousin-in-law that she ordered a LONG time ago...fabric and supplies are all ready to go, I'm just nervous about cutting into the pricey fabric.

I need to get some good photos of some items, mainly receiving/swaddling blankets, to go in my shop.  And actually post them!!

I need to sew more stuff for my sweet boy!  Especially since it's Celebrate the Boy week(s)!

I want to make a Showoff bag for myself and a bag for my best friend, matching of course!  (we are a bit ridiculous and I wouldn't want it any other way)

I'm excited for two swaps I'm going to participate in.  The Covert Robin and a Little Pin Cushion Swap!

I'm still waiting for my Sweet Pouch to arrive.  Hope it comes soon!  Also hope my partner received hers.  Should have arrived within the past week or so.  Unfortunately, my tracking information from the USPS stops after the package leaves Canadian customs.  Maybe I'll email her soon to check...

I did make one item for my boy for Celebrate the Boy...

A giant stuffed Nautiloid!  He drew a wonderful little picture and asked if I could make it into a stuffed animal.  So I did.  I don't have any photos handy to post, but he loves it!

Better get motivated here!

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