Friday, April 12, 2013

angel sweet pouch made and shipped

A few months ago Ros from Sew Delicious hosted a fantastic Sweet Pouch Swap.  It was such fun and I loved my pouch I received(post about this to follow soon!) and the one I sent.

Unfortunately life happens and not everyone received their pouch!  Sadness!!!

So I, along with tons of other kind folks, volunteered to make an angel pouch to send.  I LOVED making this one!!!

The gal I received had an instagram account, pinterest, and a blog.  I was able to peer into her world and thought of a clever pouch!  At least, I think it's clever!!  I hope it's clever!!  She should be receiving it later today or tomorrow so I'll hopefully find out soon if she likes it!

She said she liked reds, purples, and pinks so I went with this fun purple fabric I'm currently in love with.  I picked it up from a Hobby Lobby a few months back.  

One really cool thing about my gal----she hand spins her own yarn!  How amazing!

While looking through her instagram photos I did stumble on one particular photo that inspired me.  Wicket the angora bunny.

I made her a little purple angora bunny as the centerpiece of her little patchwork pouch!

she said she enjoyed patchwork.  mine is not perfect, but I like it that way! ;-)

her own little purple angora bunny! he is very soft!

I bought this bunny fabric about 15 years ago!!

I do hope she likes it.

I included delicious chocolates from our local chocolatier, Malley's.  SO yummy!!

I forgot to take a photo, but I also made a little cat toy for her kitty!

I hope she loves it all!  Giving is so much fun!

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