Thursday, May 26, 2011

can't believe it, i actually won something!!!

I have never won anything in my life...accept a pair of concert tickets to some lame band that I can't even remember the name of 15 years ago...  so, I like hundreds and hundreds, maybe more, of other crafters, sewers (not sewers like drains of sewage!!) and quilters took place in entering numerous giveaways over the past few days as part of Sew, Mama, Sew!'s may giveaway.  I tediously tried to get through all the fantastic blogs listed an did achieve my goal of entering most of the sewing and supplies ones, but in no way did I manage to enter all of them.  And that's okay...I must admit, I was going through some that I missed and I'm sorry I did.  But when springtime storms kick up and power is lost the internet just has to wait.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I got an email saying although I hadn't won the main prize, I did win a coupon to Sky Turtle's etsy shop!  I was SO thrilled!!!  I know it's not quite the same as winning the main prize, but I got to purchase the cool carrot pouch for only the price of shipping!  Very cool!   And it's from Spain!!! I'm thrilled and cannot wait to get my hands on that adorably cute carrot!  Being a vegetarian, it's quite fitting for me.  And we all love carrots in this house!

 image from Sky Turtle's etsy shop

Thank you Sky Turtle!  :-)

AND, throughout the day I had two more similar emails!!!

I'm so excited!  I won these fantastic looking cloth napkins or family cloths from Sweetwater Cloth :

I've been wanting to try some of these after seeing them on another blog.  That family used theirs for tissues.  We'll see which happens here.  But I'm super thankful and excited.

 And THEN I got an email from Lisa at Something Clever About Nothing saying that I was the lucky winner of a pdf pattern and instructions for her AWESOME reverse applique Down on the Farm quilt!  I've never quilted before and am also extremely excited to attempt this.  My cousin and his wife just had a baby THIS morning and I am hoping to attempt to use this pattern to make a quilt for the darling Lucy.

So to conclude, for now at least, I am so super thrilled to have won not just one but 3 things!!!  I'd love to win more, not going to lie, but I'm so happy with what I never expected! 

Thank you Sew, Mama, Sew! for such a fantastic couple days of giveaway links!!!

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