Monday, May 16, 2011

revelations in the sewing room

Today I'm going to begin where my soul always wants to begin- my sewing room.

You see, I am a sewer(as in, someone who sews---NOT to be confused with the sewer that smells).  I often leave my house covered in various colours of thread hanging off my shirt or pants.  Or can be found, at any given moment, doodling designs for a baby girl's dress, a shirt for my friend, or making notes of colour combinations to try.  But the tell tale sign that I love to be in my sewing room for hours slaving over the serger threads and cursing out the bobbin in any one of my sewing machines is the amount of fabric I have in my 'stash'.

I decided on this rainy spring day that while my husband was hard at work solving an optics equation and my son was busy enjoying his engaging classroom, I'd get busy serging (great tip from Made by Rae -although she got it on another page) and washing the newest fabrics I purchased for some cute baby clothes.  Little did I know this would lead to me pouring over many totes of fabric not seen for years and moving things around to access even more boxed fabric that has escaped my wandering eye for quite some time.

I never realized how severe my problem was until today.  I found yards and yards and yards of some fabrics, other scraps that were just enough to use for some appliques, and a baby blanket I hand stitched for my son more than 6 years ago---he never used it since it has lived in a tote all this time.

Wow.  I have so much!  I have enough fabric to sew for months, if not years.  Maybe even longer.

But do you know what?

The next big sale, or the next time I have a bit of spare cash, I KNOW I will not be able to resist the allure of new fabric.  The fabulous colours!  The playful patterns!  The gloriously grand ideas in my head will come flooding as soon as I lay my eyes on the fresh fabric yearning to join the yards upon yards already destined for greatness in my sewing room.

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  1. Hi Fern!!
    I'm your newest follower ~ I saw your post on the SONP Flikr pg, right after my post! I had to comment on this because I can relate to the overload of fabric {most likely labeled as a fire hazard by most} and I'm still purchasing MORE fabric! It's almost an addiction. Okay, pretty sure it is an addiction. But I do have great plans for each and every piece!
    Just wanted to say Hello & wish you the best our new venture of a summer of no pants!


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