Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jumping right in!

Today I'm dealing with many emotions.  

I'm excited because I've gotten many entries into my Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway!  

I'm proud because my 7 year old did a fantastic job playing a dulcimer and his recorder at his school's Music Night!

I'm happy because my cousin's baby girl is about to turn one! 

And I'm facing extreme sadness as the first anniversary of a great tragedy to my family is approaching.  

It's a strange and odd thing to feel so many emotions at once.  So in order to deal with them all properly, I've decided to be productive and creative!


Many people have really liked the coasters that I'm happily giving away to a stranger at the end of the week.  Since they are pretty simple to make, I thought I'd make a Quick and Easy Coaster Tutorial for you.  

I'll be posting the tutorial after the giveaway has ended (May 25th, 8PM EST) and the winner announced (that announcement will probably come Friday night, as my son is extremely excited to the random number picker!!) so stay tuned!

I'm not sure how many folks will be sticking around the blog after the giveaway, but that's okay.  I'm new to this end of blogging and I'm happy to be here!   This is a perfect way to get my toes wet...

                                                                           jumping right in!

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