Friday, May 25, 2012

My First Giveaway---The Winner!!

Wow!  I'm so happy I had over 100 people like my coasters enough to enter my giveaway!  Thanks!  I enjoyed reading all the comments and really loved discovering new blogs.  I even found one that I decided to participate in a contest at: SewHappyGeek-Play!

On to the drawing!

After removing duplicate comments, multiple entries, or the ones folks removed, I was left with 119 comments. We decided the best route for my dear boy to be able to pick a number was to narrow the entries down.  I did that with the help of the random number generator.

We had 12 numbers that I wrote on little pieces of paper and put them in our TARDIS hat.

He then had fun drawing a number out of the hat.  I had him draw two numbers, just in case the fist one was a no reply comment with no email.  So, he ran to put on his jammies while I checked the comments.

UGH!  BOTH were no replies with no emails!  SO we had to pick a 3rd number!
he's pretty tired, so it's pretty blurry...

Number... 25!

the owl lamp was my grandma's, it rocks!
Congratulations Jill, thatmoxiegirl of MadeWithMoxie!  You're the winner of some fantastic owl coasters!  I hope you like them!  I'll be emailing you shortly!

Remember, I will be posting my little tutorial on making these fantastic coasters soon.


I really love to hear from you! Thanks!